Vrukshasana (The Tree Pose)

Vrukshasana, often spelled vrikshasana or vrksasana is also called the tree pose. Vruksha means tree in Sanskrit and hence the name.


  • Stand in Tadasana.
  • Bend the right leg at the knee and place the right heel at the root of the left thigh. Rest the foot on the left thigh, with the toes pointing downwards.
  • Inhale and while maintaining balance on one foot, raise the arms straight over the head.
  • Join palms over the head and breath deeply.
  • To ensure that your leg does not slip down, hug your left thigh with the left foot.
  • Stay in the same position for a few full breaths. Slowly lower the arms, separate the palms and straighten the right leg, coming back to Tadasana.
  • Now repeat the above steps, standing on the right leg this time. Place the left foot on the right thigh. Hold the position for the same length of time on both legs and come back to Tadasana.
  • Ensure that the arms are stretched as high up as possible, with elbows straight.
  • If you suffer from High blood pressure, do not raise your palms over your head.

Benefits of Vrukshasana

  • This asana tones the leg muscles and helps improve balance and poise.
  • The calves, arches, ankles and thighs are strengthened.
  • Vrukshasana helps improve circulation.

Vrukshasana Video

Note: The above video demonstrates a variation of the steps described above.

Vrukshasana (The Tree Pose)

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