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YOGASANAS (The Yogic Postures)

Yogasanas are simple actions for keeping the internal and external parts of the body in good health. No activity can be performed well so long as the internal and external parts of the body are not in good health. The body and the mind are closely interrelated. Both should be fully taken care of. Thousands of years ago, the people of ancient Greece believed in the principle ‘A sound mind in a sound body‘. The whole system of their education was based on this principle.

There are seven ways for the elimination of waste matter produced in the body by daily physical activities and functioning of the digestive system :

(1) through left and right nostrils,

(2) through left and right eyes,

(3) through left and right ears,

(4) through the mouth,

(5) through the anus,

(6) through the genitals and

(7) through the skin.

Most diseases are the result of the absence of sufficient and regular elimination of waste matter such as urine and stool from the body.

Yogic exercises help the process of elimination of waste matter from the body and keep the body in perfectly sound health.

Importance : The reasons why Yogasanas have a preference over other systems of physical exercises are enumerated below

(1) In other systems of physical exercise, the internal organs of the body do not get proper exercise, while Yogasanas give sufficient exercise to the internal organs of the body. Consequently, an individual can maintain good health and longevity of life.

(2) Only a small airy place and few equipments are required for practising Yogasanas.

(3) Yogasanas have a greater impact on the mind and the senses than other physical exercises with the result that
Yogasanas help to develop one’s physical and mental powers to calm the mind and control the senses.

(4) The practice of Yogasanas is not expensive as one practising Yogasanas needs no additional food.

(5) There is sufficient elimination of stool and other waste matter from the body through Yogasanas and hence the body has more resistance power to keep a disease away.

(6) The body becomes flexible by Yogasanas. It becomes active with an increased ability of doing any activity. One who performs Yogasanas looks younger in age and lives longer.

(7) The blood in the different blood vessels is purified through different Yogasanas.

(8) The power of contraction and expansion of lungs is increased by practising Yogasanas and Pranayama. This results in the purification of blood to a great extent.

(9) Life span, youth and health depend upon the flexibility of the spinal cord. Yogasanas keep the spinal cord flexible.

(10) Asanas require the least possible use of physical energy. As a result, one feels less tired. This is the reason why Yogasanas are called a’non-violent activity’.

(11) One who practises Yogasanas becomes a morally good person.

(12) Yogasanas help the mind to experience tranquillity. There is progressive intellectual development because of the calm mind.

(13) Yogasanas stimulate different glands of the body. These stimulated glands produce secretions in proper proportion, which having mixed with blood helpsthe body to acquire a well-balanced growth.

(14) Diseases like constipation, gas-trouble, diabetes, blood pressure, hernia, headache, etc. can be cured by practising Yogasanas and Pranayama.

(15) Yogasanas make possible not only physical and mental development but also intellectual and spiritual development

(16) There is no restriction of age and sex for Yogasana aspirants. Our ancient sages had adopted this system for thousands of years with the result that they enjoyed sound health for a long time.

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