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This is one of the variations of Vajrasana. This is to be performed in the direction opposite to that of Supta Vajrasana. Some consider this asana to be one kind of Yoga-Mudra.


Technique : Attain Vajrasana. Slowly and cautiously bend the trunk forward. Take the arms to the back. Hold the right forearm with -the left hand and the left forearm with the right hand. Fill the air in the lungs. Slowly exhale and stretch the neck downward so that the nose touches the ground. Gradually, increase the time to the limit of ten seconds.

Advantages :

(1) This asana eliminatesthe weakness of the i ntesti nes and the stomach. It also removes disorders of the liver and the laxity of the pancreas.
(2) It increases the elasticity of the spine and also strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and the chest.
(3) It cures constipation.
(4) It cures diseases such as diabetes, abdominal disorders, cold, gas-trouble, loss of appetite, nocturnal discharge, insomnia, asthma, dysentery and indigestion.
(5) It stimulates gastric fire.

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Viprita matsyasana https://yogavastra.com/viprita-matsyasana https://yogavastra.com/viprita-matsyasana#respond Tue, 12 Aug 2008 18:53:00 +0000 http://localhost/yogabodychakra/viprita-matsyasana The post Viprita matsyasana appeared first on YogaVastra - Yoga Clothing.

This is a reverse posture of Matsyasana, hence it is called Viparita Matsyasana. This is called Supta Padmasana also.

Viprita matsyasana

Technique : Lie on the left side of the body. Place both legs in the position of Padmasana. Then lie on the chest and abdomen. Bend the neck to the back and put the chin on the ground. Hold the toes with the thumbs and index fingers of the hands. Inhale slowly. Hold this position for eight to ten seconds. Gradually, increase the time to the limit of ten minutes.

Advantages :

(1) This asana broadens the chest and strengthens the lungs. It gives the maximum benefit to the spine with the minimum effort.
(2) The regular practice of this asana exercises the joints of the neck as well as the large and smal I joints of the body. It tones up the muscles.
(3) It eliminates the diseases such as constipation, gas-trouble, indigestion, cold, tuberculosis, asthma and dysentery.

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When this asana is performed, the body takes the shape of scales. So it is called Tolangulasana.


Technique : Lie with the foot-lock as in Padmasana. Place your hands, palms upward, under the middle part of the hips. If it is difficult to place the palms under the hips, lift the body up with the help of the elbows and rest. Thus, the body will remain supported on the elbows and the hips. Hold the breath as long as possible. Then exhale slowly. Keep the eyes
popen and the body stretched. Breathe normally. Bend the eck forward and fix the eyes on the navel. Retain the posture 0r half a minute to begin with, and progressively, but quite slowly, increase the duration maximum to three minutes
depending on individual age, strength and benefits desired
Practise this Asian five to ten times.

Advantages :

(1) This asana relieves foul gases accumulated in the stomach.
(2) This asana makes the vertebral column elastic an flexible.
(3) The abdominal tension pushes down all faecal
matter to the end of the passage of the colon.
(4) It stimulates blood circulation in the muscles an
the nerves of the arms and the hands which are incidently
toned up and strengthened.
(5) It strengthens and enlarges the rib-box.
(6) It increases the elasticity of the spine and tones u the nervous system.
(7) It cures diseases such as constipation, dysentery
asthma, tuberculosis and diabetes.
(8) The constant practice of this asana improves the
functioning of the sandbox and brings melody to the voice.
improves the eyesight.
(9) It cures the swelling in the thighs and strengthen the loins.
(10) One experiences the fresh flow of energy an vitality in the arms and the shoulders.

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This asana is performed mostly by the Siddhas-semi divine beings. This is the reason why this asana is called Siddhasana. The main function of this asana is to awaken the power of Kundalini (annular power residing in the mystical circle above the reproductive organs).


Technique :

  • Sit on the floor, with legs stretched straight V in front.
  • Bend the left leg, hold the left heel, and place it near the perineum.
  • The sole of the left foot should be placed against the right thigh.
  • Now bend the right leg and place the right foot on the left ankle.
  • The heel of the right foot should be placed at the root of the genitals.
  • Place the back of the hands on the knees so that the palms face upward.
  • Join the tip of the thumb and the index finger of each hand.
  • Keep the spine straight and erect. Let the head, the neck and the spine be erect and in the straight line.
  • Look downwards.
  • Bend the neck low so that the chin touches the lower part of the throat.

Advantages :

(1) This asana awakens Kundalini Shakti. It purifies all the nadis (tubular channels) in the body through Shaktichalana Mudra.
(2) The asana is good for curing indigestion, chronic fever, dysentery, heart-disease, tuberculosis, asthma, diabetes, etc.
(3) The diseases which can be cured by Padmasana can also be cured by this asana.
(4) This asana is useful for the cure of stiffness in the joints of the loins.
(5) This asana helps the mind to be firm, attentive and alert.

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Utthita Padmasana (Lolasana) – Swing Padmasana https://yogavastra.com/utthita-padmasana-lolasana-swing-padmasana https://yogavastra.com/utthita-padmasana-lolasana-swing-padmasana#respond Tue, 29 Jul 2008 19:21:00 +0000 http://localhost/yogabodychakra/utthita-padmasana-lolasana-swing-padmasana The post Utthita Padmasana (Lolasana) – Swing Padmasana appeared first on YogaVastra - Yoga Clothing.

This asana is a variation of Padmasana. In this asana, the body is lifted up with both the hands on the floor. This is the reason why it is called ‘Utthita Padmasana’ or Lolasana or Dolasana. This asana is more difficult than Padmasana because in this asana the whole body is balanced on both the hands.

Utthita Padmasana (Lolasana) - Swing Padmasana

Technique : Sit in Padmasana. Rest the palms on the floor besides the hips. Slowly raise the trunk without a jerk.

The body should not quiver. Retain the breath in the lungs as long as the body is in the raised position. Exhale when the body is lowered down. While performing this asana, some beginners experience tremor in the hands because of some weakness. But it should not dishearten them. They should practise the asana patiently and with perseverance.

Advantages :

(1) This asana strengthens the joints and muscles of the arms.
(2) This asana helps to cure intestinal weakness, constipation, indigestion, dysentery, drowsiness, impurities of tubular channels, etc.
(3) This asana works as an appetiser which is a good characteristic of health.

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