When this asana is performed, the body takes the shape of scales. So it is called Tolangulasana.


Technique : Lie with the foot-lock as in Padmasana. Place your hands, palms upward, under the middle part of the hips. If it is difficult to place the palms under the hips, lift the body up with the help of the elbows and rest. Thus, the body will remain supported on the elbows and the hips. Hold the breath as long as possible. Then exhale slowly. Keep the eyes
popen and the body stretched. Breathe normally. Bend the eck forward and fix the eyes on the navel. Retain the posture 0r half a minute to begin with, and progressively, but quite slowly, increase the duration maximum to three minutes
depending on individual age, strength and benefits desired
Practise this Asian five to ten times.

Advantages :

(1) This asana relieves foul gases accumulated in the stomach.
(2) This asana makes the vertebral column elastic an flexible.
(3) The abdominal tension pushes down all faecal
matter to the end of the passage of the colon.
(4) It stimulates blood circulation in the muscles an
the nerves of the arms and the hands which are incidently
toned up and strengthened.
(5) It strengthens and enlarges the rib-box.
(6) It increases the elasticity of the spine and tones u the nervous system.
(7) It cures diseases such as constipation, dysentery
asthma, tuberculosis and diabetes.
(8) The constant practice of this asana improves the
functioning of the sandbox and brings melody to the voice.
improves the eyesight.
(9) It cures the swelling in the thighs and strengthen the loins.
(10) One experiences the fresh flow of energy an vitality in the arms and the shoulders.

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