Setu means bridge; bandha means formation or construction. In this asana, the body is arched as if to form a bridge. So this asana is called Setubandhasana. This asana is very easy to practise. Persons of any age can practise this asana.


Technique : Lie on the back. Bend both the knees. Raise the loins and the thighs upward. Keep the back of the head,the neck and the shoulders firmly on the floor. Breathe normally. Remain in this position for six to eight seconds. Then take some rest and repeat the exercise. Practise this exercise four times a day in the beginning. Later, practise it six times a day.

Advantages :

(1) This asana cures the diseases of the
loins and the thighs.
(2) It gives exercise to the shoulders, the neck, the
elbows and the hands. The constant practice of this asana
strengthens these parts of the body.
(3) It expels excess of gases and cures indigestion.
(4) This asana makes the spine flexible and active.

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