This asana is very useful for removingthe excess fat of the body. It is like Ekapada Uttanasana with the variation that in Uttanapadasana both the legs are to be lifted and lowered


Technique : Lie flat on the back. Keep the arms by the
side of the body. Keep the heels and the feet together. Inhal
slowly. Then lift the legs up slowly. Retain this position for si
to eight seconds. Hold the breath. Bring the legs slowly dow on the floor. Exhale. Take rest for six to eight seconds an
repeat the same. In the beginning, practise this asana fou times a day and gradually increase it to five or six times a day

Advantages :

(1) This asana gives sufficient exercise to
every muscle of the abdomen. The abdominal muscles are
strengthened and the digestive system functions efficiently.
(2) It tones up the pancreas and alleviates indigestio
and constipation.
(3) This asana reduces the fat in the body.
(4) This asana is beneficial to those who suffer fro backache and pains of the loins and thighs. Moreover, it is
boon to those who suffer from the discomfort caused b intestinal worms.
(5) It rejuvenates the spinal nerves and the brain cells, strenghens the muscles and activates them.
(6) This asana is a good remedy for piles in the initial
(7) This asana cures hiccough, pain in the thighs, belching, constipation and helps expelling the wind at the anus.
(8) It is an introduction to Sarvangasana.

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