Ekapada Uttanasana

This asana gives sufficient exercise to the abdomin muscles. This asana is to be performed with one leg at a time and then changing it to the other leg.

Ekapada Uttanasana

Technique : Lie on the back. Keep the heels together. Put the hands on the floor by the side of the body. Stretch one of the feet forward and loosen the other leg. Inhale slowly. Slowly lift the tight leg up. Hold the breath. Remain in this position for six to eight seconds. Then slowly lower the leg without jerk and exhale. Take rest for six to eight seconds and practise this exercise with the other leg. In the beginning, this asana should be practised four times with each leg. After practice, one can practise this asana six times with each leg. This asana being easy should be performed regularly by a student of Yoga.

Advantages :

(1) This asana relieves stomach pains and tones up the liver, the spleen and the kidneys.
(2) It cures indigestion, gas-trouble and intestinal disorders.
(3) It reduces abdominal obesity.
(4) It relieves pain during menstrual periods.
(5) It removes swelling in the legs, tones up the blood circulation in the legs and relieves pain in the knees and the lower parts of the legs.
(6) It has a beneficial effect on the upper part of the body (thorax). It strengthens the lungs.

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