Simhasana – Bhairavasana

Simhasana is one of the eighty-four asanas. This asana is also called Bhairavasana. The face posture of this asana, when followed in Vajrasana and Bhadrasana, is known as Simhasana.

Simhasana - Bhairavasana

Technique : Bend the legs from the knees and bring thern on the backside. Sit on the heels. The heels must be on both the sides of the hips. Let the distance beween the knees be six inches. Place the right palm on the right knee and the left palm on the left knee. Begin exhaling through the nose and the mouth stretching the tongue out from the mouth. Exhaling should be completed as soon as the process of Stretching the tongue out from the mouth is completed. Do not breathe now. Keep the trunk erect. Stretch all the facial musc!es and widen the eyes in such a way that the face appears frightening. Look straight. Stay in the pose for about six to eight seconds. In the first week, perform this exercise twice a day. Gradually, with practice, increase it to four times
a day.

Advantages :

(1) This asana is very useful for increasing the power of memory

(2) This asana works as a medicine for throat-trouble or voice-trouble. It also cures tonsillitis.
(3) It has also a good effect on the respiratory system and on the larynx.
(4) This asana helps to cure all the diseases of the chest and the abdomen.
(5) This asana is recommended to persons suffering from stammering. It is beneficial to the eyes, the nose and the skin.
(6) This asana increases the beauty and the lustre of the face.
(7) This asana has all the advantages of Vajrasana.

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