Purna Shalabhasana

When Shalabhasana is practised with both the legs raised together, it is called ‘Purna Shalabhasana’. There are two variations of this asana. Below both the variations are explained.

Purna Shalabhasana

First Variation (Technique) :

Lie on the stomach with the forehead touching the ground. Stretch the arms beside the body. Keep the thumbs and the index fingers on the ground and clench the fists. Stiffen the body and raise the legs as high as possible. Stretch the soles of the feet. Pull the legs, the thighs and the lower part of the abdomen up. Hold this position for five to thirty seconds and rest the breath. Bring the legs down slowly and then exhale smoothly.

Purna Shalabhasana

Second Variation (Technique) :

Resume the position of the first variation of Shalabhasana. Then raise the head. Place the arms on the floor by the side of the chest, the palms facing the floor.

Advantages :

(1) This asana brings pressure on the abdomen and strengthensthe muscles of the abdomen, thighs and legs.
(2) It tones up the abdominal organs such as the gall bladder, the stomach, the spleen and the bladder, and cures abdominal disorders.
(3) In increases gastric fire and improves digestion.
(4) It cures oedema.
(5) It cures tumour.
(6) It gives new energy to the throat.
(7) It cures strangury, diabetes and other disorders of the kidney.
(8) The practice of this asana removes the pain in the ovary which women experience during menstruation.
(9) It cures the diseases of the lungs.
(10) It cures dropsy (ascites) forever and has a beneficial effect on the fistula in its initial stage.

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