Parvata means a mountain. This asana is also known as ‘Viyogasana‘, because it involves a special technique of Yoga. Only healthy persons should practise this asana.


Technique :

Sit in Padmasana. Join the palms of the hands. Stretch the arms vertically up over the head. Some persons perform this asana sitting in the posture of Veerasana. But the Padmasana posture is better than the Veerasana one.

Advantages :

(1) As both the arms are kept vertically up in this asana, the ‘Prana’ is sublimated.
(2) If Suryabheda Pranayama or Anuloma-Viloma Pranayama is practised for fifteen minutes before performing this (Parvatasana) asana, the lungs, the abdomen and the spine become strong and healthy.

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