Namaskarasana – Prayer Squat

Technique : Inhale and stand erect as shown in Position 2. The legs and the knees should touch each other and the legs should be straight.

Namaskarasana - Prayer Squat

Advantages : It has all the advantages of Namaskarasana.

Namaskarasana is known to be helpful for women preparing for birth. It is also thought to improve both balance and concentration.

Namaskarasana is believed to stimulate the root (muladhara) chakra at the base of the spine, which can help the yogi to feel more grounded.

Additional pressure from the elbows while in this pose will help the yogi deepen the stretch. If the heels are unable to sit on the floor in this asana, using a supportive blanket or widening the stance of the feet will assist with proper positioning and support. Finally, yogis may wish to do multiple prayer squats as a challenging flow.