‘Makara’ means a crocodile. In this asana, the body assumes the shape of a crocodile floating in water. So,this asana is called Makarasana.


Technique : Lie on the ground face down, the chest touching the ground and both legs stretched out. Letthe upper parts of the feet touch the ground. Keep the heels upwards. Raise the arms and put them in front of the head and hold the middle part of the left upper arm with the right hand and the middle part of the right upper arm with the left hand. Keep the head downwards and close the eyes. The head will rest on the arms. The parts of the arms from the elbows to shoulders, the abdomen, the thighs and the upper parts of the feet will touch the ground in a straight line. Relax the body while practising this asana. Breathe deeply and meditate on God.

Advantages :

(1) It eradicates the fatigue and gives relaxation to all the parts of the body.
(2) Though the process of practising this asana is inverse to that of practising Shavasana, the aim of both the asanas is the same : to give relaxation and complete rest to the body.
(3) Like Shavasana, this asana is useful to those whose spine or back is injured.

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