The posture has a shape of an angle formed by the arms and the legs. So it is called Konasana. In this asana, the balance is maintained with the palms and the heels firmly fixed on the ground.


Technique : Keep the feet close together. Keep the arms perpendicular to the shoulders and extend the legs. Inhale and with the help of the palms and the heels, raise the trunk upwards. Bend the neck backwards. Keep the arms straight and the chest towards the sky. Hold this position for eight to ten seconds. Then slowly come to the original position. Repeat this asana four to six times.

Advantages :

(1) This asana strengthens the shoulders and alleviates the abdominal disorders.
(2) It gives sufficient exercise to the legs and the spine.
(3) This asana is considered to be a variation of Pashchimottanasana. So if it is practised after practising Pashchimottanasana, it gives many benefits.

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