Importance of Solitude – Be alone within

Be Alone Within

Shri Shri Paramhansa Yogananda suggests to “Be Alone Within”. There is a deep message within those three words.

Even when you have nobody around, “Be Alone Within”

Even when you are surrounded by many friends and relatives, “Be Alone Within”

The key here is “Within”

What is this “Within”. There is a sacred place inside your heart space. There is a sacred place inside your mind space. The “Within” could be any place where you can simply repose and let be.

Shri Yogananda suggests not to lead an aimless life that so many people follow.

Meditate daily and read good books as often as possible.

How about social life, being with friends and families

Yoganandaji, says that once in a while it is alright to go to the movies and have a little social life, but mostly remain apart and live within yourself. Enjoy Solitude.

But when you want to mix with others, do so with all your love and friendship, so that those people cannot forget you, but remember always that they met someone who inspired them and turned their minds toward God.