How to remove obstacles from our Life?

What are your main obstacles in Life?

Did you wish eliminate these obstacles?

Lord Ganesha is also known as the Vighneshvara. “Vighneshvara” in Sanskrit language means one who is the lord of obstacles or difficulties. Thus, the Vedic (Hindu) tradition states that by worshiping Ganesha, one can remove all obstacles and difficulties. But let us get into the technical details of why and how this can work, shall we?

How can praying to Lord Ganesha remove or sub-due obstacles?

There is a deeper science and the answer can be found in Kriya Yoga.

All of our current life and past life Karma/Actions are stored as energy fluctuations in our subtle body.

These energy fluctuations reside along the path in the spinal column. These are subtle pathways and Sushumna Nadi is the major subtle pathway along where majore energy centers reside. 

The goal of Yoga is to clear these pathways so the energy can move freely up the Sushumna Nadi.

The entry of the Sushumna Nadi is near the tail bone of the Spinal Cord. 

Lord Ganesha is the Adhipati of this entrance (owns the entry into the Sushumna Nadi) 

Hence praying to Lord Ganesha sets the stage to removing all obstacles. 

Because all obstacles even though they may appear external are still within all of us.

A picture or statue of Ganapati (Lord of all Ganas is Ganesha) will help us remind of saying “Hi” and “Namaste” and let him take care of our problems. After all surrendering is the greatest prayer, isn’t it?

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