How should one prepare for Yoga – part 1

To take the full advantage of Yogasanas, it is advisable to follow the following points :

(1) For practising Yogasanas, early morning is the ideal time. Before starting Yoga practices, the bowels and the bladder should be emptied. It is better to do Yogasanas after a bath because it makes the body light and active and one can practise Yogasanas with greater ease. If one wishes to take a bath again after practising Yogasanas, one should use warm water instead of cold water.

(2) The ground for practising asanas should be level, clean and free from noise. Asanas should be practised on a mat or a carpet.

(3) Clothing should be in accordance with the season. Men and Women should wear appropriate clothings.

(4) One should remain silent while practising asanas. While practising asanas, concentration should be on breathing and on the limbs which have a stress or strain. Concentration in the practice of Yogasanas is necessary for the all-round progress of the body and the mind.

( 5) Before one begins to practise other asanas, one should perform Shavasana in orderto make breathing normal, the body and the mind tranquil.

( 6) Yogasana is a non-violent activity and therefore no force or jerk should be exerted in the practice of Yogasanas.

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