How Kriya yoga removes obstacles and restrictions

Remove restrictions from your conscioness

The first level of Kriya Yoga removes certain restrictions in your consciousness, and then it begins to expand and flow freely. And the first thing that a yogi notices when opening this first node – Brahma granthi – the brain begins to work in a completely different way and you suddenly begin to understand a lot.

Opening and clearing the Brahma Granthi is the event when the brain begins to work in a completely different way and suddenly one begins to understand a lot

Perhaps it will be very difficult for some to communicate with their family or just to be in society – although rather, it will be difficult for them to communicate with you, because you will say things outside their understanding, and this always creates problems.

You will begin to understand a lot about your life, about life after death, and even the most complex thing in the universe: human relationships. When you truly recognize them, this discovery will be shocking to you. At first, it will most likely be very difficult for you to say nothing about this, but after you encounter conflicts and misunderstandings, you will learn to remain silent. Otherwise, you risk spoiling all relationships.

Opening of the Vishnu Granthi – Heart Node

Then comes the awareness of the opening of the heart node – very technically accurate. You will be deeply immersed in the ocean of your consciousness, many old memories, old complexes, fears and selfish experiences will come – you will remember every offense inflicted on you, starting from your very childhood.

And then you will need to analyze all this in order to be able to say goodbye to everything. A memory of a previous life will also come. You will be able to stop the pulse and heartbeat. Until you can stop your heart or pulse, you will not rise above your physical limitations. As long as the heart continues to beat and you constantly breathe, consciousness is limited by the limits of the physical body.

And if you have achieved this ability with the greatest practice of Kriya Yoga, then your consciousness will begin to expand and finally you can say – yes, I have surpassed my past. All your memories are the past. And when the past does not completely bother you, at this moment you will recognize the present “now” and you can also see your future.

Opening of Rudra Granthi

And the final stage takes place at the cremation site. Rudra lives on smashan. And if you reach this level – one smashan will attract you. You do not need to look for it – the smashan himself will find you

Sri Shailendra Sharma