‘ Baka’ means a stork. Bakasana is one among the best of the asanas. Two different techniques have been given here.


Technique (Posture 1) : Brace the palms on the floor. Pressthe shin againstthe arms. Now, raise the body. Place the toes under the elbows so as to support them. Hold the breath. Hold the position.Gradually, increase the time to the limit of fifteen minutes.

Technique (Posture 2) : Take the position of Bakasana as shown above. In the first type of Bakasana, the soles are supported under the elbows. In the second type, there is a variation. Take the soles backwards and rest them together below the hips as shown in Technique 2. See that the right sole presses against the left sole. The remaining process is the same as shown in the first type.


Advantages :

(1) This asana exercises all the parts of the body. It particularly strengthens the organs of the abdomen and chest. The spine also achieves strength, flexibility and vitality.
(2) As the Prana is sublimated in the asana, it bestows mental peace.
(3) It has all the benefits that Utthita Padmasana has.
(4) It stimulates the digestive, the respiratory and the nervous systems.

Note : Kapalabhati performed during this asana bestows many benefits but the exercise should be done after sufficient practice of this asana.

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