Baddha Padmasana – Tangled Lotus Posture

This is a variation of Padmasana. This asana is not meant for meditation. This is chiefly meant for health-improvement

Baddha Padmasana - Tangled Lotus Posture


and for making the body strong. This asana is difficult to perform. Those who are unable to practise this asana should not be disappointed. They should patiently try to accomplish the final position.

Technique :

Sit in Padmasana with legs crossed. The heels should touch the lower part of the abdomen. Swing the right arm behind the back of the shoulder and bring the hand: near the left hip. Catch the left big toe. Similarly, swing the left arm and hold the right big toe. If you experience difficulty in holding the toes, bend slightly forward and make it convenient to hold the big toes. After catching the toes, sit erect as before and breathe normally. Stay in this position for one or two minutes in the initial stage. Gradually, increase the time till you can stay in the position for ten minutes.

Advantages of Baddha Padmasana:

(1) In this asana, the weight of the body is borne by the knees and the ankle-joints, so the joints of the legs become strong.
(2) Both the heels of the legs get sufficient exercise.
(3) The continuous practice of this asana helps the person to gradually overcome the weakness of the heart, the lungs, the stomach, the liver and the spine. Moreover, it reduces the pain in the knees and the ankle-joints.
(4) This asana helps to cure ailments like indigestion, flatulence, stomachache, etc.
(5) By practising this asana, one can get all the advantages of Padmasana.

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